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tv   Today  NBC  April 2, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we are back now with more of "today" on a friday morning, the 2nd day of april, 2010. and if you're just joining us, take a look at theeather in the northeast. finally after about a week of heavy rain and flooding, we've got bright skies, temperatures getting up into the 70s today. everybody exhale. >> i am so happy! >> i know. you just feel like a smile comes across your face when you feel the sun on you. >> everybody's in a really good mood. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and amy robach.
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natalie and al will be back on monday. what's coming up? >> meredith as well will be back on -- some time next week. we'll talk about the question that's actually caused some controversy. the question is can you be a healthy size 12 as you would be as a size 2? there's new research and it is shedding some light on the theory that there is a healthy fat and it's sparked some controversy from health experts but they all agree fitness is the key for any healthy person. even if you're a size 12 and you're fit, that's the big thing. later, if you're not the diy kind of guy or girl, you may want to basically -- we may be able to convince you to pick up a hammer because we're going to show you how there are some easy ways for the most common home repairs can be made and how much time and money can be saved if you do them yourself. also ahead, april is autism awareness month. i know you'll talk about that subject and challenges facing families. >> numbers are startling. 1 in 110 kids has autism. and that number has grown 600% over the past 20 years.
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its cause and its cure still unknown. we'll hear one family's story about how far we've come but how far we still need to go to understand this very pervasive and troubling disorder. before we get to all of that, let's gin side. tamron hall is at news desk checking out the headlines. good morning, everyone. an explosion and fire killed at least one person this morning at a refinery in anacortes, washington. three workers are missing. new figures this morning show the nation's unemployment rate unchanged last month at 9.7%. the economy added 162,000 jobs, many of them temporary census workers. the government announces a new airport security screening policy today. starting this month, passengers from 14 countries that have been home to terrorists will no longer automatically receive extra screening. instead, it will be based on specific information about potential terrorist threats. today homeland security secretary janet napolitano tours
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flood-ravaged rhode island. it is the hardest hit state in new england following days of record rains. shopping malls and small businesses are closed and a weakened bridge in cranston could still collapse threatening 300 homes down the pawtuxet river. rescuers say they heard signs of life today from a flooded chinese coal mine where more than 150 workers are trap. the reports of tapping sounds and maybe even shouts are raising hopes some of the workers are still alive. five days after the mine flooded. government officials say the flood was triggered when workers digging tunnels broke through an old shaft filled with water. police in texas are trying to find two men who set fire to a business this week pouring buckets of fuel, then igniting it. the incident was caught on surveillance cameras. three firefighters were hurt battling that blaze. an american astronaut and two russians are on their way to the international space station after lifting off today in kazakhstan. they'll spend more than five
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months in space. it is three minutes past the hour. back to matt, and ann. >> let's get a check of the weather with bill who's in for al this morning. >> looks like a nice easter weekend. what a miserable start to the week it was in some areas. we appreciate hard work out here on the plaza. this took a little bit of work. what's your sign say. >> it says "10 is great but 11 is heaven. happy birthday lindsey." >> whose birthday is it? >> mine. >> what's your name. >> lindsey. >> you're wish ugg yourself happy birthday. how long did it take you to do your sign? >> it took me all night. >> you look great for staying up all night. where you from? >> i'm from maryland. >> happy birthday, lindsey. let's talk about the weather in maryland and everywhere else around the country as we head toward the northwest, this is where some of the worst weather is going to be. this is where two storms are coming in. windy conditions, the cold front will go through, mountain snows in the cascades will be significant so be careful traveling through any of the passes. much cooler than it should be
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for this time of the year. in the mid of the country, chance for severe storms, arkansas, texas, the arklatex area, everywhere just east of the mississippi though enjoy another piece of sunshine today, temperatures in the >> here is a picture from sunrise showing a bit of a fog bank. this will burn off a very fast. we expect a really nice day with temperatures well above t >> one more shout out to all our girls here, all coming up for autism awareness week. you can wave and all say hi if you want. back inside to amy.
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today is world autism awareness day. it is a day to shine light on this pervasive disorder that affects tens of millions of adults and children. it was just five years ago that autism speaks was launched right here on "today" promising to lead the movement in research and awareness for this devastating diagnosis. we will talk with the co-founders of autism speaks, bob and suzanne, in just a moment but first, how this awareness has helped one family grow. >> reporter: when they welcomed their triplets into the world, they were as prepared as any multiples can be. >> we had a lot of close family and friends in the area and we were getting the troops rallied and excited to bring home the babies. >> joseph, sam and lauren, that was in the order of their birth. >> reporter: but nothing could prepare them for what came next. >> i started to notice that sam seemed like he was slipping away from us. i remember vividly sitting in front of his crib and crying because i couldn't understand
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why he couldn't make that connection. >> reporter: sam got the devastating diagnosis of autism. >> you get into a bit of fear because ten years ago, autism was not all that well known or researched. not a lot of awareness. what that actually would mean, we weren't sure. >> reporter: six months later they heard the word "autism" again, this time it was joey. >> it felt like there was this kind of stigma attached to it where we were almost afraid to tell people about it and even try to ask for help, much less know where to go to look for help. >> reporter: but although few people talked about it, they soon realized they were not alone. autism affects 1 in 110 children and 1 in 70 boys. >> our goal was to increase awareness at all levels by the general public, by pediatricians, by teachers, by families. >> reporter: the milsteins finally found an autism school that focused specifically on their boys' needs. >> both boys have made any nominal progress. joey has a lot of language.
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very social. sam is definitely a child who presents as more classically autistic. he doesn't have very much language, but he has also made tremendous progress. >> reporter: and the mother who was once scared and ashamed has become an advocate, not only for her own children, but for all autistic children. shelly is now an attorney who helps these children get the services they need. >> i'm so happy to see such an increase in awareness and so many families coming to me with children younger and younger, earlier and earlier, just to make sure that they're going through the process the right way. >> reporter: and as for the third triplet, lauren, who does not have autism -- >> i've gist learned they're just different from everybody else. they're not the same and it may take them a longer time to learn the same things but you just know that they're catching up, and that's good. i love them so much. >> the co-founders of autism speaks, bob and suzanne wright,
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and the director of the mccarton school for autistic children. bob, it was five years ago today -- same seat. >> -- autism speaks. exactly. we called it at that point a hidden epidemic. but thanks to the awareness you've raised, it's no longer hidden. was that your main goal? >> it was. we didn't know much about autism ourselves. our grandson was diagnosed with autism. we realized it would be a long, difficult path. very expensive. i couldn't believe how other people could afford to deal with this and i couldn't believe that hospitals and doctors were really not even aware of the statistics themselves. that's what got ourselves into it, we poured ourself into aware fe awareness. that's how you raise political and economic support, that's how you get fund-raising and doctors and hospitals involved. >> jo ann, you realized through your research this wasn't just a problem in the united states but a global problem that needed exposure. >> absolutely. i could not believe this is a
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worldwide movement now. went to the united nations and asked for a world day. in the history of the united nations, they've only granted two others. so it is today. and it is around the world. we had "light up blue" last night and tonight. actually, tonight the waterfall -- niagara falls is going to be lit up blue just like the empire state building was last night. and so many buildings around the world. we're thrilled. >> it is interesting and disturbing, doctor, that the rate of incidence has raised by 600% in the past two decades. why such a dramatic increase? is it because of the awareness? are doctors now able to diagnosis it better and more often, or is there something else going on? >> it is a very complicated picture. i think the awareness has certainly brought it to the forefront and lots of people are talking about autism now, it is not in the closet. more people are educated about it. doctors are doing a better job at diagnosing it. but there is a feeling among the people who do basic research that it's more than just this
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and what it is, we don't know. >> i was just going to say, with all that's being done and awareness that's been raised, are we any closer to finding a cause or a cure? >> you have to realize, before autism speaks started, there was essentially no money devoted to research on autism. again, it was in the closet. and only in the past five years has money poured in to basic research in terms of trying to find a cause. unfortunately, research doesn't work that quickly. but there's many, many prominent researchers now who are working on the genetic components of this, environmental components of this, and the break-throughs will come. >> bob, for the families who are facing this lifetime illness, the financial costs are extraordinary. what's being done? is enough being done to make sure these families get -- get their children what they need versus just what they can afford? >> no. we're so far behind. but we've made tremendous strides but there's no insurance -- basically insurance
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doesn't cover it unless we go after states to get it. the federal government actually doesn't cover its own federal employees and they don't cover a risk of the big companies. there are huge gaps here. we have 15 states now which have passed very attractive insurance bills. these -- our parents already have insurance. it just doesn't work for autism. new jersey, connecticut have very strong bills. new york state, there's a bill right now in new york state which is very strong, and it's supported by the majority leader of the assembly. i think we're going to get that done. but that takes time to implement, just like the national health care. these parents spend a tremendous amount of money between the time that the child is diagnosed and the time they get to first grade. one of the things that we really are concerned about is that this is a public health issue. when these children arrive in first grade, if that school district is not prepared for these children, then they're going to have an enormous problem because the parents know what it takes, their expectations are high, they've been paying for this, and the
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school district that can't provide it, they'll go to private schools like dr. mccarton's and others. that will cost the school district a lot of money. they're obligated by law, between 6 and 18 they have to take care of these children. we wish that school districts and boards of education were with us helping to support this early intervention, which they don't have to pay for, by the way, which gets people occupational speech and behavioral therapy between 2 and 6 which is a critical period, then they have to pick up the ball at 6 and they have to do a lot more than they're doing and be prepared for that. >> and your work has been felt by millions of people, not only here in the united states but around the world. i know that everyone is incredibly thankful for the awareness you've raised, the money you've raised. >> just one comment. there is something happening here that's worth mentioning. venture capital money is coming in to this field now. this is very important. medical venture capitalists who are the ones that do the transitional research. take something that has been done in academic mode and turn
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it into a drug or turn it into a therapy. that's starting to happen. i hope if we could sit here next year i could report on a couple of situations which are very promising and that would be extremely exciting. >> i'm so glad he's our ceo now. >> we look forward to that update. thanks for all your time andest. coming up next, can you be healthy at any size? we'll take a look and try to size these women up, which one is saving and which one issplui? we'll find out in "today's beauty." first, these messages. but it's perfectly cooked black beans, in a zesty "south of the border" chipotle sauce with red and green peppers, onion, and crisp corn. a bold new taste. i know. but i want people to think i'm a great cook. so hide. delicious! can i have your recipe? your secret is safe with me. hello... new bush's black bean fiesta. and try new texas ranchero, along with our other grillin' beans flavors. have you tried honey bunches of oats yet?
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health," can you be healthy at any size? conventional wisdom dictates if you're thin, you're healthy. if you're overweight, you're not. but a host of doctors and researchers say that's simply not true. a contributor to "women's health" magazine, dr. peterson, is joining us. this is interesting, because that's conventional wisdom. we associate people who are thin with being healthy. >> yeah. actually what doctors have traditionally used is what's called the body max index, or bmi. that's calculated by just using your height and weight. based on that, it is estimated that about 33% of americans are overweight and 34% are obese. so it's now deemed that this might not be the best gauge to determine your health. >> that is the big change in this argument here. >> that's correct. >> and what is the main argument for this? i mean i'm from the south. you hear women say, listen, i'm
9:18 am
healthy. because you got curves and different things, especially when you talk about women and weight. >> the pro-fat camp has two levels of evidence that they think support their argument. one is that there may actually be a healthy fat that's beneficial for you, and the other is that it may actually be better to be a little overweight than to yo-yo diet and fluctuate up and down. >> it's interesting. because being overweight, for example, having a little weight when you want to get pregnant, that is a benefit. but in other aspects of your life how can that extra weight actually make you healthy. >> that's a great question. it depends where you carry your weight. if you're pear-shaped and you tend to carry it in your thigh or butt, that may actually be healthy fat. the reason is that this type of fat is more stable. it actually prevents the release of compounds into the blood stream that can race cholesterol. in addition, it actually releases two hormones that can be beneficial. one's called adinopectin which lowers your sugar, one is called
9:19 am
lektin which suppresses your appetite. the other thing i mentioned, while being a little overweight may not be ideal, yo-yo dieting can really be a lot worse over the long term. when your weight's going up and down, you can actually slow your metabolism and gain weight in the long term. it is also associated with high blood pressure, gallstones and heart disease. >> what about the aspect of being overweight causing chronic illnesses? diabetes, blood pressure issues. what about that? >> this is the other side of the coin. first off, abdominal fat can be very dangerous and as we all know, being overweight can be linked to many diseases like breast cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis. diabetes, it goes on and on. >> it's interesting, too. we just showed this on the screen, the average woman is 20 pounds overweight. >> that's correct. >> but it sounds like again this is where you carry the weight. >> yeah. >> basically your lifestyle as well, because if you're a size 12 and are active, that's a good thing.
9:20 am
>> that's right, tamron. actually where you carry your weight may be a better predictor of your health. we talked about the pear shape having some benefits. if you're apple-shaped and you carry your weight in your midsection, that abdominal fat that you can pinch, and the fat that's deep inside around your organs, this is called visceral fat, that is dangerous fat. that can lead to high blood pressure and gallstones. really, overall, the best thing that you can do for your health is to be fit. >> when we are obsessed with for example, going on the scale, if you work out a little bit, you get on the scale and that can certainly affect how you see yourself and whether you should make adjustments. but that should not be the case. again, back to this information. >> it really should not. both sides definitely agree that fitness is key, because exercise will reduce your mortality by a whopping 50%, it will reduce that abdominal fat that we just talked about. i'd rather see you be a plus-size gymgoer than a skinny
9:21 am
couch potato. >> so knowing this information about the bmi, what's the best barometer? >> there are a few gauges i would go by. the first and i think most important, your waste to hip ratio. measure the narrowest part of your waist by your belly, divide by the circumference of your hips. that ratio should be between .6 and .8. another important measure is your blood pressure. a lot of people know what that is. tells you a good gauge of how hard your heart is pumping. that should be 120 over 80 and you should probably get that checked over year. cholesterol is another really important parameter. check your good and your bad. know your ldl, trigilis rides. the last gauge is blood sugar. if that's high, that can be an indicator that you may be developing diabetes. >> i think this is so interesting. >> extremely interesting. >> there is a lot of information but the basic point i think is very clear. being active is the major thing
9:22 am
here. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. we really appreciate it. dr. peterson. coming up later, some lucky ladies get ambushed in our plaza by our beauty experts. we'll show you the results of our instant makeovers. we'll show you the results of our instant makeovers. but first, these messages. ured ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favourite things ♪ ♪ when the curls break... when the ends split ♪ ♪ when my hair goes mad ♪ i simply remember my favourite thing ♪ ♪ and then i don't feel so bad ♪ new dove damage therapy has been reinvented with fiber actives, so keep on doing your favourite things... and let dove take care of the damage. ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola...
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♪ do-do a dollop of daisy >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. three people have been arrested by baltimore county police in connection with a stabbing at the white marsh mall. the attack happened just before 10:00 last night inside the mall at the buffalo wild wings restaurant. the victim is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. lawyers for lamont davis says that cameras will prove the clients innocence. he is accused of shooting a girl last summer. she was not the intended target. the state says that along with the testimony, dna evidence and
9:27 am
surveillance could prove that davis pulled the trigger. 11 news spoke exclusively with his brother, who disagrees. >> had tattoos all over his arm. the guy who was shooting, he did not have no tattoos or nothing. you all tell me who did it. >> the defense says that the gps monitoring device will prove that he was not at the scene of the crime. police in anne arundel county said that recent restructuring and the department affected the crime rate in 2009. violent crimes such as rape and robbery and assault dropped 8% a county said it also decided false alarm legislation and better-lit streets for the improved statistics. >> cool start this morning, but the sunshine will make us rebound nicely.
9:28 am
high-pressure it gives as good weather through the day. that will extend right through the weekend. even when we come to, which should come through dry. -- we should come through friday 74 to 79 is the high temperature range through the day. a little cooler near the bay to the seven-day forecast, 80 on saturday, 74 on sunday. >> thank you for joining us. another update at 9:55.
9:29 am
9:30 am
a whole bunch of technology has passed me by. one of things when you're governor and 60,000 people work for you, they research for you. before that i was a congressman and never had to learn. >> that's embattled former illinois governor rod blagojevich. he's now getting a dose of reality on the nbc hit show "celebrity apprentice." hoping that he doesn't hear the dreaded "you're fired" from donald trump. he'll stop by to tell us all about it monday here on "today." >> he said he's heard those words before so he's not -- >> he made me feel really good about my typing skills. >> we'll ask him a lot of questions. coming up in this half-hour, talk about saving money. >> that's right. when it comes to beauty, you
9:31 am
don't need a high-priced salon to get gorgeous hair or a makeup makeover. louis licari is here to show you how you can sometimes save thousands of dollars by the right product. the reason we're showing you these two women, you have to decide which is the save and which is the splurge. >> are these twins or am i going crazy? >> i'm thinking they are twins. you know what? from fixing up your look to fixing up your home, if you walk into a place like home depot and get overwhelmed -- amen, sister, that's me -- we will he take you through some of the most common problems can you fix yourself. sticky locks, a noisy fridge. is it still april fools' day? is that why i'm doing this segment? >> i say just call elizabeth over. anyway, you're here. this is a good opportunity for find out what's going on this weekend. >> well, we've heard of texting.
9:32 am
even is sexting. but what is checksting. tiger woods makes his professional debut at the masters four months after his infidelity scandal broke. a lot of people are wondering how he'll do, will he be able to handle the pressure. then moving on, talk about the must-have tablet turt, the a turt that goes on sale. we'll tell you if it is a hit or a miss, the ipad. bill, thanks for much for filling in for al. what's happening this weekend? not buttering you up. >> you want your own personal forecast? >> general. for everyone. for easter. a very important holiday to go outside with the kids. >> you don't want the cute dresses to get ruined. in many areas it will be picture-perfect.
9:33 am
saturday, eastern seaboard, i-95, warm, hot, so enjoyable after the miserable weather earlier in the week. middle of the country cools off, friends in the dakotas may even see snow. rockies, cascades, not the nicest of weekends especially in the northwest. maybe three-quarters of the country will see a fantastic easter. not a lot of bad weather out there. should be a ton of sunshine, >> hd doppler at are all clear here. we have to go way west to buy this edition. not a concern today. forecast calls for a lot of
9:34 am
>> have a wonderful easter weekend. >> thank you so much. coming up next, when to splurge and when to save on your hair or makeup. louis licari shows us all about it. yes, they are twins. after this. ♪ hey, do you guys want to make some easter eggs? girls: yeah! okay, ready? we are going to dip on three. all: one, two, three. dip. wow, that one's pretty. ( laughter ) i'm going to make mine for the easter bunny.
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this morning on "today's beauty," high style at low prices. you don't have to head to a professional to get those gorgeous hair extensions or luscious lashes. "today" contributor louis licari says you just have to know when to splurge and when to go for the steal when it comes to hair and makeup. louis is with us this morning. good morning. love the spring outfit. >> thank you so much. >> the big i guess headline here is that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a salon look. >> no. in fact you can get almost the same look at home for a fraction of the price. >> we can actually show you exactly examples. i'm supposed to guess who spent the money and where you saved money. drugstore makeup versus the expensive makeup. these are twins elizabeth and katherine. i've been looking and trying to figure out. the difference is the extremely
9:39 am
subtle. you have the expensive, you have the save. i got it right. but what is -- it is extremely subtle. i would say she looks a little more dewey than her. >> exactly. colors are just a little bit more rich. they're a little deeper. her eyes are done a little more beautifully. they're all done by enid old makeup. the difference can go from $1 to $100. it depends what you use. >> are there certain things you should splurge on? >> yes, on your best features useless expensive makeup. if you have great lips, you don't need to use the most expensive lipstick. but if you have a weak eyebrow or skin with a few defects, use a better foundation and a better powder for your eyebrow to fill in. >> what about shelf life? >> both exactly the same. just read the instructions if you do it at home. the thing is, at home takes a
9:40 am
little bit longer. just remember that. >> you are both beautiful, i should point out. but i can tell a little slice difference with the makeup. let's move on to our next set of twins. this is all about the highlights. correct? we're going to talk about exactly which one had the salon hair color and which one did the at-home hair color. >> i got to say -- >> this is tough, too. >> molly and katherine. right? i'm going with that she had salon and she was at home. >> oh, my god! >> i got it right? >> yes, you did! >> yes, you did. i did the highlights here actually and we did this with painting and with foil. >> they're a lit more uniform. you can see it around -- you snow what know what i'm saying? >> you can provide a little more contrast. when it's this short on a woman of color, it is a very difficult job. here this was the box color. it looks terrific.
9:41 am
the great reason -- the reason you go to a hair dresser is not because of the -- the products are exactly almost the same. you go because of the color eye. so he can see where are -- or she can see where to place the color, how the color should look. what's the best color for you. >> i can say they both look great but there was a little bit of a difference. are there certain ingredients you should be looking for when you do at-home kits? >> the at-home kits are all-inclusive. even the conditioner. you don't have to worry about a thing. just buy the kit, use it, follow the directions! the big news, follow directions. do the pretest. do the strand test and you will come out looking like a million dollars. >> what about getting a highlight at the hassan and then trying to mimic it when you get home? is that a good idea? >> i call that the crossover client. >> because people do it all the time. >> yes. about a month and a half in you have a party and aren't really ready for your highlights, yes, do use an at-home kit. ate add one or two highlights around the face. that will make it look like your whole head is done. there are special kits that are
9:42 am
easy to buy at any drugstore. >> hair extensions are extremely costly if you go to the salon. then we've got these clip-ones. i'm supposed to guess who has the clip extensions and who went and spent the big money. i'm going to say that you were the splurge and you were the save. >> fantastic. >> i got 3 for 3! but it is very subtle. >> the thing is, if you want long lasting hair extensions, they be you go for the splurge. these are great length. >> they look very natural. >> the reason they look natural is because each extension is very thin. you don't want an extension with a lot of hair per extension because that looks fake, looks almost like have you spaghetti growing from your head. but you can even feel. just touch her head. >> i actually had this done for a story so i actually know what it feels like. it is amazing. >> and i'm going to -- over
9:43 am
here -- >> it still looks great for a night out. what about eyelashes real quickly? getting extensions or -- >> bat your lashes. men love lashes! there is nothing more important than having a thick lash. if you do nothing else, no lipstick, no nothing else, use a little bit of mascara. a tip here is if your mascara is going dry, add a drop of water in the mascara, go like this with the cap. it will last another week or so. >> thank you, everyone. you all look beautiful. louis, appreciate the tips, saving people money every day. >> do it urself! coming up next, pick up that hammer. speaking of do it yourself -- and wrench. we'll show you easy home fix-its anyone can do to save lots of money. right after this. you're sad. you have no energy. maybe you feel guilty or anxious, changes in weight, sleep, and appetite, and the aches and pains. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a prescription medication
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♪ maxwell house custom-roasts each bean... for a full-flavored cup of coffee. so you can be good to the last drop. i think we need more cups, mom. this morning on "today's home," do it yourself fix-its. many of you can relate to this -- the lock on your door is stuck. you got a locksmith, three hours later you wonder if you wasted both time and money on something you could have probably fixed yourself. the editor in chief of "women's day" has some home fixes that can really you can do yourself. elizabeth, good morning. how do you decide if you should call someone or take the time to try it yourself? >> you really want to save money. most of these fixes are so easy, you can do it yourself. even if you are going to call a professional, basically you should know what you are getting into just so you don't get ripped off.
9:48 am
also, time. a lot of these things if you let them go can be a lot worse and can cost you a lot more money and a lot more time. just deal with them when they crop up. >> so use common sense when you are trying to tackle these problems. but you have some ideas for us. first, get yourself a good tool box. >> rust resistant, big enough. buy a tool box that's bigger than you think, because like your wardrobe, your tools are going to multiply. every time you have something you're going to need. it sounds like you maybe have too many tools so you might want to edit it to what you really need. >> i think i overcompensated with a tool box but i bought everything. fearful of not having the right thing. >> this month's "women's day," we give you the exact list of just precise will you what you need. we narrow it down to tomorrow of the tops. obviously the hammer, ratchet screwdriver. you can get them all but basically narrow it down to that. >> don't go crazy. we'll look at some of the things you perhaps try to fix yourself. first is the refrigerator that
9:49 am
constantly runs or making this chugging sound. >> eventually your refrigerator peters out because the coils are clogged with dirth a and dust a aren't functioning properly. look for that vent where the coils are. usually it is on the bottom, either in the front or back. you might have to pull your refrigerator out. then take off the covering. this is pretty grimy. believe it or not, a lot of people's do look like this. >> i bet so. >> then vacuum not only the coils, just take a vacuum with a soft attachment like this. you just vacuum off the dirt. now in the case of this, you might want to wash it as well but you want to use a soft bristle brush on the coils themselves. >> do you use any kind of detergent on that? >> yes, you could wash the coils. >> if it still chugs, then you might need to call in the backup plan. >> do that three to four times a year if can you. it will be very helpful.
9:50 am
>> what about a key that gets stuck in the door? >> you need a lubricant. locks overtime metals are brushing together. we recommend using poxi lube, it is great for a lot of different locks. look at the make of your lock, call that locksmith, go online, look, because they might recommend an oil or lubricant that's better. a lot of people think graphite, but that can damage your lock. it might work for a little bit. wd-40 -- >> i heard you should always have wd-40 in your home as just a staple. >> that is true. stick it in the lock, rotate it about 20 times just to get it lubricated. that's it. >> that's going to save you a lot of money right there. what if you have a grimy shower showerhead? >> i have this because i have hard water.
9:51 am
two pipe wrenches. one at the top to secure it. put layers of masking tape so you don't scratch it. unhinge it. take off all the pieces, put it in vinegar, let it soak for about 15 minutes. then take a toothbrush and toothpicks, pop out all the grimy stuff. good to go. that's it. lastly, a clogged drain. this happens a lot. if you're like me, be long hair in your bathtub especially. what you want to do is boil a kettle of water, pour it down the drain. >> boil a kettle of water. that's interesting. some people might go for a product. >> this costs nothing! you have it all in your house. boil water, pour it down, tape off the overflow drains. you know how you have drains in case there is overflow water? tape that off with masking tape or a towel. plunge it a few times. repiece that process three times. it should get your hair ball or whatever gone. that easy. >> it sounds easy. just hope we don't have the problems to test whether or not we can do it but we have the information. thank you, elizabeth. great stuff. back in a moment.
9:52 am
this is "today" on nbc.
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have we mentioned that we have a competition for "today's top dog"? let me say that again. "top dog" search. please go to >> you look like a piece of licorice. >> getting ready for the easter holiday. we have you two here. >> we've got the wonderful kelsey grammer. he's opening up pretty soon. >> he can sing like a dream. i did in the know this information. >> of course we have our "ambush makeover"s.
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>> that lindsey graham? >> he didn't want to do it. kelly grsey grammer. >> it's so confusing. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. maryland records its 45th swine flu death. health officials are warning that the third wave could be on the way. don't be fooled by the warm weather. it is still important to receive the vaccine. if you are vaccinated last winter, you are still protected. if you still need the shot, every county in the state will
9:56 am
be offering free clinics next week. find one in your area by ca
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>> another one of those days with lots of sunshine and much warmer than usual temperatures. we still have this warm southerly flow. the storm is hanging to the west. does not look like it will be an issue into the easter weekend. 74 to 79 for the friday hybrid unseasonably mild temperatures. was this undisguised during the
9:58 am
day. along eastern sunday, while to come in the 70's, lots of sunshine. >> see you back here for 11 news at noon.
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